The story of Miracle Indika

Miracle Indika

Every child is a miracle in their own right, but this beautiful little girl is a Miracle by name, by birth, and by conception.

Just over a month ago, the French government contacted A/Prof Indika Alahakoon asking if she could take on the care of a heavily pregnant Noumean woman named Monalysa.

Monalysa’s unborn baby girl was suffering from a bowel obstruction and diaphragmatic hernia which would need to be repaired at the Children’s Hospital Westmead as soon as possible after birth.

Further complicating the case, however, was the fact that Monalysa herself is suffering from end-stage liver failure. Not only is it very unusual for a woman to be able to achieve a pregnancy in these conditions, it is also very risky to deliver such a pregnancy.

A/Prof Indika delivered Monalysa’s baby girl by an emergency lower segment Caesarean section (LSCS) on Wednesday, March 30.

Following four weeks of specialised care from A/Prof Indika and a team of multidisciplinary specialists, the new mum and her beautiful baby girl are now preparing to fly home to Noumea.

In a beautiful show of appreciation for the care she received, Monalysa named her new daughter Miracle Indika, forever acknowledging the miracle the little girl is.

A/Prof Indika meets Miracle Indika's family

A/Prof Indika was also honoured to meet a group of Monalysa and Miracle’s family member who came to thank her for her care.

A/Prof Indika and all her staff feel truly honoured to be part of Monalysa and Miracle’s journey, and wish them all the very best for the future.

As the Head of Department in Maternal-Fetal Medicine at Westmead Hospital, A/Prof Indika has extensive experience in the management of complicated pregnancies, and regularly receives care requests from the French government for high-risk pregnant women in Noumea.