The story behind the smiles; this family is a true miracle!

Meet Alan, Amanda, Scarlett and Maxwell. They look like a very normal family, but their story is nothing short of a miracle!

A/Prof Indika first met Alan and Amanda in 2014 when they were pregnant with their first child, Scarlett. They had spent eight years trying to conceive and been through 13 failed rounds of IVF before they eventually fell pregnant naturally. Still, it wasn’t an easy road; Scarlett was born prematurely at 29 weeks, weighing just 1.1kg. As you can see though, she pushed through all the odds to be the happy and healthy little girl pictured above.

Fast forward to 2015 and A/Prof Indika was thrilled to have Alan and Amanda back for their second pregnancy. If they’d thought the road was tough with Scarlett though, Maxwell was to prove an even bigger challenge for this amazingly resilient couple.

Amanda went into kidney failure and required dialysis as well as surgeries to fit a stent and a fistula. Then, at 27 weeks, in spite of four different hypertensive medications to try and keep Amanda’s blood pressure under control, it exceeded 240/160 and suddenly they found themselves in an emergency situation requiring immediate intervention.

MaxwellA/Prof Indika delivered Maxwell on February 4 at just 27 weeks gestation; he weighed 680g and measured 30cm. The high-risk delivery turned tense and went from a caesarean to an ‘extension’, but Maxwell fought through to defy all the odds. He spent a total of 86 days in Westmead Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, where he required round-the-clock care and a special machine to support his tiny lungs so he could breathe. By the time Alan and Amanda took him home, Maxwell had grown to a healthy 2.4kgs.

The resolve and heart of this little family is nothing short of amazing! A/Prof Indika is so proud to be able to say she was just a small part of their journey.

While her babies are thriving, Amanda’s journey continues.  Today she’s waiting to find a compatible donor for a kidney transplant. For more information about becoming an organ donor to help people just like Amanda, visit the Donate Life website.

You can read Alan and Amanda’s full story in Alan’s own words here.

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