Miracle Indika growing from strength to strength

Miracle Indika

Who remembers little ‘Miracle Indika’?

Thank you to her mum, Monalysa, for sending these beautiful new pictures! It’s so wonderful to see her looking so healthy and happy after a slightly shaky start to life.

In March this year, A/Prof Indika Alahakoon received an urgent request from the French government to take on the care of a heavily pregnant Noumean woman. Monalysa was transferred from Noumea to the Westmead Hospital and A/Prof Indika’s care, with both mother and her unborn baby suffering from life-threatening conditions. Monalysa was experiencing liver failure, and her baby was affected by a congenital diaphragmatic hernia.

Delivery and the postnatal period was very complicated, but safely carried out by A/Prof Indika and her team at Westmead Hospital.

As a token of her appreciation for the life-saving care she and her baby received, Monalysa named the beautiful little girl Miracle Indika.

After four weeks of highly specialised care under the direction of A/Prof Indika and a multidisciplinary team, mum and bub returned to Noumea.

We’ve been so thrilled to receive regular photos of Miracle Indika back home in Noumea from Monalysa.

You can read more about Miracle Indika here.